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What is the LMC?

The Local Medical Committee (LMC) is a body that is statutorily recognised by successive NHS Acts as the professional organisation representing individual GPs and GPs as a whole in England.  The LMC is structured to support all GPs whatever their contractual status, including GMS, PMS and APMS GPs, sessional and freelance GPs and GP Registrars.


The LMC is the only elected professional body that represents the views of local GPs and practice teams, at a national and local level, on issues of local interest in general practice. NHS England and ICBs have a statutory responsibility to recognise local representative committees, including those for Dentists (LDCs), Pharmacists (LPCs) and Optometrists (LOCs), as well as the LMC. 


The LMC is an independent, self-financing body with statutory functions. It is not a trade union.

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