LMC Members

If the committee was fully subscribed there would be 20 LMC members elected by their peers.  Elections were last held in April 2018.  In line with the LMC’s Constitution, formal elections are held every two years when half the membership is elected. There are a number of vacancies following recent resignations.

Members then usually appoint a chair, honorary secretary and treasurer from amongst the members.



Dr Andy Ramshaw (E)

Dr Moazzam Chaudhary (E)

Dr Adam Podogrocki (E)

Dr Steve Turley (E)

Dr Samantha Graham (Treasurer-E)

Dr Jonathan Booth (C)

Dr Nicolae Botan (E)

Dr Gerard Reismann (E)

Dr Vikas Kaura (C)



Dr Mari McGeever (C)

Ms Vicky Watson (C)

North Tyneside

Dr Alan McCubbin (Chair - E)

Dr Sarah Hartley (C)

Dr George Rae (E

Dr Darren Simpson (C)

Dr Pippa Male (C)

Mr John Snaith (C)


Park Medical Group Fawdon

Broadway Gosforth

Betts Avenue

Roseworth Gosforth

Saville Medical Group

Saville Medical Group

Dilston Medical Centre

West End Family Health

Regent Medical Centre Gosforth

Benfield Park Med. Group

Jesmond Health Partnership


Woodlands Park HC

Monkseaton Medical Centre

Beaumont Park 

Bewicke Medical Centre

Spring Terrace HC

Swarland Avenue Surgery




Gosforth North PCN

Gosforth North PCN

Inner West Newcastle PCN

Gosforth North PCN

Saville PCN

Saville PCN

Inner West Newcastle PCN

West End Family Health PCN

Gosforth North PCN

Gosforth South / Jesmond PCN

Outer West Newcastle PCN

East Newcastle PCN

Ncle Practice Manager Rep


North West NT PCN

Whitley Bay PCN

Whitley Bay PCN

Wallsend PCN

North Shields PCN

NT Practice Manager Rep

Other LMC Members

NESG Representative

RCGP Faculty Representative

GP Registrar Representative


Dr Ijeoma Ogah/Dr Tim Chan (C)

Dr Pippa Male (C)



Dr Bill Westwood, Honorary Secretary is an appointed, rather than elected, member of the committee.

(E) - Elected Member

(C) - Co-opted Member